Hiking and Biking


 Hiking and Biking options in the area. 

Fort Ligonier


   A full-scale, on-site reconstruction of the 1758-1766 original fort.

The second full weekend in October is the extremely popular "Fort Ligonier Days".

Flight 93 Memorial


 On  September 11, 2001, the passengers and crew of Flight 93 courageously   gave their lives thwarting a planned attack on our Nation's Capital.   Flight 93 National Memorial will be a permanent memorial to the heroes   on that plane.  

Frank Lloyd Wright's Duncan House


 The  Frank Lloyd Wright Duncan House located in Acme, is a “must see” on   your architectural tour of Wright’s masterpieces in the Laurel   Highlands.   

Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater


   Recognized as one of Wright's most acclaimed works.  

Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob


   Kentuck Knob was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the last decade of his career for I.N. and Bernardine Hagan.   

Seven Springs Resort


 A  year-round resort and convention center offering skiing/snowboarding,   snow tubing, sleigh rides, golf, mountain biking, and horseback riding.   

Laurel Mt. Ski Resort


 With  its rich history and majestic long-range views, Laurel Mountain  stands  as testament to the strength of the region’s ski industry. Just  72  miles east of Pittsburgh, Laurel Mountain joins its neighboring  sister  resorts, Seven Springs and Hidden Valley, to create the premier   snowsports destination in the region.  

Bushy Run Battlefield


   Pennsylvania's  only recognized Native-American battlefield commemorates  the conflict  between British and Native-American forces during Pontiac's  War  (1763-64) and the role of this British victory in maintaining  control  of North America.  

Compass Inn Museum


 A  completely restored 1799 stagecoach stop, located on US Route 30 in   Laughlintown, Pennsylvania. Features guided tours, live demonstrations   and displays.   

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art


   The  Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art exists to preserve, exhibit, and   advance American art and is dedicated to making its programs and   activities accessible to the people of the southwestern area of central   Pennsylvania.   

Diamond Theatre of Ligonier


 Diamond  Theatre of Ligonier is family owned and operated. With just over  a  year of ownership, Diamond Productions has already put on a wide   variety of shows! From comedy to mystery and even an antibullying  play, the theatre is proud to host a variety of entertainment for   their community. Diamond Theatre is here to entertain YOU!!   

Fort Necessity


   Fort Necessity NB commemorates George Washington's first military campaign; the opening battle of the French and Indian War.  

Historic Hanna's Town


Hanna's  Town, founded in 1773 and named for its founder Robert Hanna,  was the  first County Seat of Westmoreland County and the site of the  first  English court west of the Allegheny Mountains. ity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Johnstown Flood Memorial


   Hanna's  Town, founded in 1773 and named for its founder Robert Hanna,  was the  first County Seat of Westmoreland County and the site of the  first  English court west of the Allegheny Mountains. 

Johnstown Flood Museum


 On  May 31, 1889, a neglected dam and a phenomenal storm led to a   catastrophe in which 2,209 people died. It's a story of great tragedy,   but also of triumphant recovery. Visit the Johnstown Flood Museum,  which  is operated by the Johnstown Area Heritage Association, to find  out  more about this shocking episode in American history.   

Mountain Playhouse


 Every  summer since 1939, a talented company of professional actors  presents  Broadway quality entertainment at the Mountain Playhouse in the   wonderful setting of a restored historic gristmill. The Mountain   Playhouse offers comfortable seating in its climate-controlled theater   along with an art gallery and lake-side concession area. Fine dining is   available next door at Green Gables Restaurant. 

Powdermill Nature Reserve


   The  Biological Field Station of The Carnegie Museum of Natural History.   Featuring the Nimick Nature Center as well as educational programs and   workshops.   

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor


   The  LHHC is one of twelve special “Heritage Areas” in the Commonwealth  of  Pennsylvania, collectively known as "Heritage PA," which is committed   to improving operations, marketing, government relations and public   advocacy for all of Pennsylvania's Heritage Areas. 

Ligonier Valley Railroad


 One  of the better known short-line railroads, the Ligonier Valley Rail  Road  connected Ligonier Valley with the rest of the world via the   Pennsylvania RR at Latrobe, Pennsylvania. It also connected the rest of   the world with Pennsylvania's Mountain Playground, Ligonier Valley in   general and Idlewild Park in particular. Originally only ten miles  long,  the line was extended six miles at the turn of the 20th century  to  service the coal fields north of Ligonier.  

PA Cross Country Skiers Association


 Developing the sport of nordic skiing in PA and its tri-state region.